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Undergraduate Curriculum Sequence

The Concentration in Entrepreneurship and Technology empowers students to become leaders through classroom and hands-on study of entrepreneurship and technology commercialization. Courses at the Sutardja Center are available individually or as part of a program sequence. They include guest lectures from top executives and entrepreneurs. Our classes are designed to combine classroom study with experiential learning. Students not pursuing the concentration are welcome to enroll in individual classes, which are open to all majors.


Courses Spring 2016 (for Certificate in E&T)

Core Courses: (Recommended Starting Point)

Approved Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Electives for the E&T Certificate

  • IEOR 185: Challenge Lab (4 units, multiple sections; detailed descriptions are listed below)
    • Social Challenge Lab (Section 1)
    • Challenge Lab  (Section 2)
  • IEOR 190c: Collider Project (variable units)
  • IEOR 190g: Patent Engineering
  • IEOR 191: Technology Entrepreneurship (3 units)
  • IEOR 192: Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (2 units)
  • Engineering 120: Principles of Engineering Economics (3 units, 1 unit applies to E&T)
  • CS 294-84: Integrated Device Design (2 units apply towards E&T)
  • CS 294-85: Critical Making (2 units apply towards E&T)
  • Mec Eng 110: Introduction to Product Development (2 unit applies towards E&T)
  • Sociology 121: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Social and Cultural Context (2 units apply towards E&T)
  • IAS 150: Social Innovator On Ramp (2 units apply towards E&T)