Course List     Certificate Requirements
How many units are required to complete the certificate?

5 units, plus the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series.

What is the difference between E98/198/298?

These course numbers are all for the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series (Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series).  Freshman and Sophomores should sign up for INDENG 95; Juniors and seniors, INDENG 195; and graduate students, INDENG 295.

How many courses can be taken pass/fail?

Only INDENG 95/195/295, the A. Richard Newton Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series, can be taken pass/fail.

Do I need to receive a minimum grade for these courses?

You must receive a grade of C or higher for each certificate course.

I found a really interesting course that is not on the approved list, can it count towards the concentration?

At the discretion of the Director, a course related to technology commercialization and/or entrepreneurship may be allowed to count toward the concentration. Please email with a copy of the syllabus.

I finished the coursework required for the certificate, when can I pick it up?

Students who will fulfill the concentration requirements by the end of the fall or spring semester, must submit the Certificate Completion Application by the deadline. After your coursework is verified (approximately 2 weeks after the deadline), we will email you when your certificate is ready for pick up.

If you have additional questions regarding the Undergraduate Certificate in Technology & Entrepreneurship, please email Yeri Caesar at