UC Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (CET) equips engineers and scientists with the skills to innovate, lead and productize technology in the global economy.

Why Study the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship at CET:
As the engineering field has continued to evolve, engineers and scientists require broader skills to be able to innovate either in new firms or in existing firms.  The CET’s offers a real-world curriculum that develops life-long skills that lead to career opportunities at innovative companies and new ventures.

Opportunities for Undergraduate students at CET:

  • Build awareness and take  courses.
  • Work on technical projects that can lead to new  career opportunities and sometimes even new ventures.
  • Complete a 6 unit CET Concentration sequence.
  • Incubate a new firm with Venture Lab Mentoring and the SkyDeck Accelerator.

Opportunities for Graduate Students at CET:

  • CET is now pre-announcing the new Management of Technology and Innovation Program.  The program is for Ph.D., Post Doctoral, and MBA students at UC Berkeley.

The CET also hosts a vibrant entrepreneurial network which you can join.  



“I’d have to say it was eye opening. My original thoughts of industry and how the business world works were significantly changed after going through the courses.”

“I’m starting a company as we speak. I always thought I would lead a company. CET opened my eyes that I could do it from an early age.”

“(Without CET), I would have never started my own company. And never would have gotten a job at Google.”

“ From the readings, to the team building exercises in class, to our consulting projects — it was a tough class but I learned a whole lot that I have already put to use and that I will use in my future job.”

“The most practical, hands-on course I’ve taken… Amazing.”

The CET also hosts a vibrant entrepreneurial network which you can join.